JUNE, 2017

Rakvere Castle, Estonia.


The video below shows the ruins of Rakvere Castle, which lie in rural Estonia at a valuable hill-top site inhabited since the 3rd Century AD.


The castle sits at the very crossroads of the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Russia. As such it has been fought over for centuries by warring nations who prized its location. The Vikings have fought over it, as have the Danish, Russians, Swedes, and Polish. And of course, we cannot ignore its more recent history as a part of the Soviet Union.

Today Rakvere Castle welcomes tourists and visitors curious about its chequered history.

As the Estonian flag flies high over the castle, it acts as a reminder that Estonians celebrate their independence and are proud people. They are resolute in their desire to never be occupied or fought over again.

To learn more and see the castle ruins in all their glory, I’ve put together a short aerial video: