Tom Kendall is a traveller, adventurer, and writer.

Hi, I’m Tom, and welcome to my page. I am fascinated by exploration and unusual journeys which lead us to discover more about the world we live in.

My philosophy is that everywhere, no matter how stricken or downhearted, has a story worth sharing.

I have crossed the Eurasian Continent from Tokyo to Moscow using any means except air travel, which involved travelling the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railways; have travelled the lengths of Vietnam and Australia; and as a youth I completed the ‘Lon Las Cymru’, a beautiful cycle route the length of Wales carrying only a one-man tent and sleeping bag on my pannier.

Among other things, I have walked the shores of Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the World; driven a camper-van around Iceland; ridden a rickety old roller coaster down the side of a mountain in Kazakhstan; and walked the full 40km circular route of Tokyo’s Yamanote train line, twice.

I love all things Japanese as a result of having lived and worked in Japan – a part of my life which has had a profound impact on me and directly contributed to my love of languages, travel, and culture – essentially meeting new people and experiencing new things.

I have completed the ‘Para’s 10’, an endurance march in aid of the Parachute Regiment Charity, the AJ Bell London Triathlon, and the Clarendon Way Marathon in Aid of Naomi House Hospice. 2016 has seen me complete both the Blenheim Palace Triathlon and the Rift Valley Marathon in Uganda.

Follow me for regular updates and my perspective from journeys around the world.


Rakvere Castle, Estonia

12 JUNE, 2017 Rakvere Castle, Estonia.   The video below shows the ruins of Rakvere Castle, which lie in rural Estonia at a valuable hill-top site inhabited since the 3rd Century AD.   The castle sits at the very crossroads of the Baltics, Scandinavia, and...
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Exploring the Blue Mountains: a micro-documentary

2 JUNE, 2017 The Blue Mountains: a micro-documentary So here is a vlog rather than a blog this time – my own take on the concept of micro-documentary. Typically 2-3 minutes long, these short, factual films are finding a life of their own due to the newer and...
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Travelling light as a “one man production team” – my perspective

17 MAY, 2017 Travelling light as a “one-man production team” – my perspective I recently had an epic trip to Australia, travelling to see family and also taking the opportunity to take plenty of photos and videos. But all my gear, complete including...
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A Love Adventures collaboration: Traversing the Transylvanian Alps

17 MARCH, 2017 A Love Adventures collaboration: Traversing the Transylvanian Alps Mountaineer and all-round adventurer David Love has just returned from completing a solo winter ascent of Moldoveanu Peak; the highest mountain in Romania.  Not one to do things by...
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The World’s only Ice Music Festival: Geilo, Norway

13 FEBRUARY, 2017 The World’s only Ice Music Festival: Geilo, Norway February 2017 sees the 12th consecutive Ice Music Festival being held in Geilo, Norway. Originally conceived by eminent Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset in 2006, this isn’t simply...
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Northern Norway – an Arctic Adventure

Northern Norway – an Arctic Adventure 09 DEC, 2016 The word ‘Antarctica’ has extreme connotations, and many people probably conjure visions of windswept icy plains, severe weather conditions, and isolated research posts. However, fewer have even...
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Running the Rift

05 NOVEMBER, 2016 Running the Rift Valley Marathon, Uganda. Running a marathon had always been an ambition of mine. But as with a lot of people, I sometimes doubted I would ever get around to it, or felt I wasn’t up to it – or worse: that I might fail. So,...
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Great Wall of Europe

19 JUNE, 2016 The “Great Wall of Europe”, Ston, Croatia. Second only in length to the Great Wall of China (a stretch of which I have also walked), this defensive wall in Croatia lays claim to be the largest in Europe. Although only around 5km in hiking...
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Dear Ellie – A Rough Guide to Tokyo

15 MARCH, 2016 Dear Ellie – A Rough Guide to Tokyo The following is a letter I wrote to my sister, Ellie, and her husband in March 2016 when she asked if I had any tips for their upcoming visit to Japan in the April. I know Tokyo well – although the rest...
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“The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway” – The Caminito Del Rey, Granada, Spain

27 OCT, 2015 “The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway” – The Caminito Del Rey, Granada, Spain Dubbed “the world’s most dangerous walkway” due to a number of deaths in the late 1990s, the Caminito Del Rey (in Spanish, “the...
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